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Lakesha Security Pvt. Ltd was established in July 2012. We identified an opportunity to introduce new innovative technology to the cleaning industry. Our approach is based on tested processes, methods and skilled Team. Read More


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We Strive To Provide Luxury, High Standard and Attention for Detail Cleaning Service to Exceed the Challenging Need of Our Customers

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    We Strive To Provide Luxury, High Standard and Attention for Detail Cleaning Service to Exceed the Challenging Need of Our Customers

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    • inancial sectors, retail business houses

      Our fleet of purpose-built vehicles, which are distributed across an extensive network of local branches, guarantees safety and national coverage. Our widespread presence makes it possible for us to promptly attend to any pick up and transport requirements. Making us, the best transport service in the market, for cash and valuables. We cater to financial sectors, retail business houses, jewelers and others.


      Our team of top professionals combined with the use of advanced technology offer man guarding solutions, which includes various services that are customized as per the needs and demands of each client.

      We offer:

      • Manned guarding
      • Guard dogs  
      • Personal protection specialist      
      • Vehicle patrolling &      
      • Quick response team    
    • guard of honour

      a group of people, usually soldiers, who are arranged in a row at a special occasion such as a marriage ceremony or an official visit, to honour someone very important

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